What You Need to Know About Event Rentals

Planning an event for a special occasion? There are many things you will need to hire, including table linens, chair covers, dance floors, and games. Here are some things to consider when hiring Seattle Event Rentals. After you’ve selected the event rental company that best fits your needs, start defining your business plan. Once you’ve established your goals, determine your current trajectory, and consider risks and profitability.

Table linens

If you want to add the finishing touch to your event’s decor, table linens are a great way to go. From elegant wedding linens to shimmering tablecloths, table linen rentals from Taylor Rental have you covered. Whatever the occasion, you can find just the right look with their tablecloths and napkins. You can also order your wedding tablecloths and napkins customized to reflect your personal style. Whether your event is formal or fun, linen rental services will make the entire process seamless.

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One important consideration when renting table linens is the number of guests attending. A tablecloth should not only protect the table from spills, but it should also establish a tone for the event. A long damask tablecloth signals an elegant affair, while a striped tablecloth conveys a more playful event. Additionally, the colors of tablecloths should match the decor of the venue. For instance, muted colors are better for a spring wedding than bold ones during the winter or fall.

Chair covers

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to transform a chair into a chic seat, chair covers are the answer. These simple covers stretch over any chair and turn it into an elegant seat in minutes. Moreover, chair covers don’t require any sort of cleaning or ironing. Once the event has ended, the covers can simply be returned via FedEx. These rentals can be picked up at any FedEx location and are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition.

Wildflower Linen is a leader in the field of chair covers and specialty linens. Its innovative designs and fabrics have re-defined the special event linen industry. Its prestigious clientele spans the country and beyond. Its extensive line of couture-quality linens has been used in lavish weddings, prestigious after-parties, and events at the White House. Its extensive inventory has also been featured at charter yachts.

Dance floors

When hiring event rentals in Rockland, NY, dance floors are one of the most important components of the rental. While the choice is difficult, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example, a good dance floor is easy to clean, padded, and resilient. A high-quality dance floor will help protect guests from falling and breaking their bones. If you are renting a dance floor for your wedding reception, you should ask the company to install it properly.

The size of the dance floor is another important consideration. If the reception is indoors, consider placing the dance floor under lights or using a temporary one for an outdoor event. Also, consider your budget. The price for event rentals will vary depending on the material, size, and appearance of the dance floor. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you compare prices. Also, consider the size of your guest list when choosing the right floor for your event. The larger the floor, the higher the price.


Planning a large-scale event? If so, you’ll likely want to rent games. Even if you don’t have a large budget, renting games can help you get high-quality items at an affordable price. For example, renting a giant chess set will cost less than buying one. Adding a giant Jenga set will also be cheaper than buying one. And because rentals are usually available on short notice, you can pick up the games the day before your event.

General Liability Insurance

A key part of owning an event rental business is obtaining General Liability Insurance. Without this coverage, you will be personally responsible for any injuries and lawsuits that occur at your events. Not to mention the costs of medical bills, legal judgments, and the like. And, these expenses can add up quickly. In order to avoid this situation, consider investing in commercial umbrella insurance. Here are some of the benefits that it offers event rental businesses.

Property damage: This insurance covers damage caused to the renter’s assets and equipment. This can happen anytime during the booking. Rental equipment may accidentally tip over and cause damage to the property of other individuals. Without proper insurance, most venues will refuse to rent their event space to a party rental business. You should consider this before renting any equipment. You never know when an accident will occur, and your general liability insurance can cover the costs of an ambulance ride and medical care for any injured guests.

eCommerce website

A good eCommerce website for event rentals can be a great way to showcase your company’s wares. The Flying China website for example, feels like a magazine, with beautiful imagery that sells the products. The party equipment rental company is no different, with a website that features stunning photography of the various tableware items. The design is simple, but the imagery and copywriting are top-notch. Customers can easily view pricing and packages, and their online experience will be a pleasure.

Another eCommerce website for event rentals is KoutureStudios, which runs on the Yo!Rent platform. They feature a multi-cart solution and automation feature to automatically select the right amount of supplies for each event. They also offer multiple-tier subscription packages to keep customers coming back for more. This is particularly useful for B2B operations, where repeat customers appreciate discounts on recurrent orders. For example, a subscription package enables customers to buy a particular amount of rental equipment for a specific period of time.

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