Presentation Guidelines


Poster Display

Posters will be displayed in the Atrium / Gallery and Canberra Room at Hyatt Canberra from Monday 19 November (from morning tea) to Friday 23 November (the close of afternoon tea).

You will be able to hang your poster from 7:30am on Monday morning and are required to remove at the end of afternoon tea (3pm) on Friday afternoon.

Poster preparation information:

The poster displays will provide a forum for informal discussion. The poster should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised by viewers.

Remember that your material/illustrations will be viewed from distances of one metre or more. Lettering should be as large as possible and preferably in bold type.


  • Each poster is limited in size to 841 millimetres wide x 1189 millimetres high (standard AO size)
  • Your poster must be portrait orientation. Please note, nothing larger than the above dimensions can be accommodated. If your poster exceeds the size limit, you will not be able to display it at the Conference.
  • Poster boards will be Velcro receptive boards. Velcro will be provided.

Helpful advice for oral presenters:

A guide for session chairs:

Printing your poster

Poster presenters who wish to have their posters printed locally can do so through the Officeworks website. They can also deliver for order s > $50 to the Hyatt or can be picked up from the Officeworks store in Civic. Please ensure that the posters are not delivered prior to Friday 16/10. The relevant link is: